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Our Plan

Our Values

We value the individual

We are committed to the oppressed

We value working in partnership

We value integrity and transparency

We are motivated by God’s heart

We value innovation and best practice


Snowdrop has 8 key objectives that we are committed to working towards to improve our ability of unlocking the future of each survivor we support.
  • G

    • Guarantee Stability

      Trust is often hard to build after slavery. We will provide a service that our beneficaries, volunteers and staff can trust to be reliable, consistent and stable.
  • I

    • Involve Others

      Modern slavery will never be defeated by one but by the force of many. We will work to empower survivors, the statutory sector, the third sector and the business sector to find their unique place.
  • V

    • Verify Model

      We believe that survivors should be given the best chance of recovery. Over the next few years we will strive to provide a verified, best practice model that can be trusted by survivors, staff and stakeholders.
  • E

    • Enhance Practice

      Long-term support of survivors is varied and complex. As leaders in the field, we will begin to consolidate and document our knowledge to improve our training, resources and awareness raising.
  • K

    • Keep Accountable

      There is currently a lack of data about long-term needs and outcomes for survivors of modern slavery. We will use technology to improve how we capture, analyse and communicate our data in order to strengthen the field.
  • E

    • Expand Support

      Last year (2016) over 900 people left safe houses; the majority of these with no guaranteed support. We will reach more people with long-term support and make progress in reducing the inequalities and barriers present in accessing this.
  • Y

    • Yes We Can!

      Our attitude. “Good things happen at Snowdrop” Our beneficiaries, staff and volunteers have faced many challenges in the last 5 years but this has not stopped us. We will continue to face every new challenge together.
  • S

    • Speak Out

      We will ensure that the voice of the survivor is always in the room. We will continue to advocate for a positive CG decision to have legal weight and recognition and for the long term needs to be recognised.

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