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Tala* had been trafficked to the UK from The Philippines when she was just 19 to work as a house maid. She was told she would be earning enough money to send back to her mother and 3 younger brothers. But when Tala arrived in the UK her passport was taken from her, she was made to sleep in the basement, given very little food and was made to work for 12-16 hours a day.

Over the 6 years she was exploited, she was paid only £600 and was forced to work even when she was sick. When Tala was very ill, the family refused to take her to a doctor saying it was too expensive. But finally, Tala managed to escape with the help of a neighbour who had noticed her.

Tala came to us with a multitude of problems. She had been refused asylum, the government did not believe her story, she had no money and nowhere to turn to. Tala just wanted to be able to move on from her past and start earning enough money to send to her family.

Over the last two and half years we have supported Tala to get her negative decision overturned, find a stable place to live, learn English and get the compensation for false imprisonment she deserves.

In July, Tala started a paid work experience placement with the Co-op’s Bright Future Programme. She has enjoyed working in a team and is looking forward to the future. When we spoke to Tala recently about the support Snowdrop Project has given her, she stated “I can say that they help me a lot. It’s because of them, I have progressed so much in life.”

*not her real name.