Our Values

We value the individual

There are millions of people trapped in modern slavery worldwide but each number is made up of real people with personal stories. We value a whole-person approach, recognising the individual’s character, needs and potential.

We are committed to the oppressed

Empowerment is the essential value behind every action of the Snowdrop Project. Making decisions and choices for ourselves is often something we take for granted but for many of the people we work with this basic right has been stolen. Snowdrop seeks to support those who have had their freedom taken away to live again, we advocate for social change and we give voice to those still trapped in slavery today.

We value working in partnership

One organisation cannot end slavery alone. We recognise the benefit of working with local authorities, the government and other NGOs to see as many people as possible set free and empowered to live new lives. We are committed to co-working and sharing knowledge to develop the most effective support for survivors of trafficking in the UK and beyond.

We value integrity and transparency

As a charity we want those who work with us to know exactly how we operate. We are committed to transparency in our accounting, finance and HR. We want every aspect of our operations from our banking to the coffee in our offices to reflect our stance against modern slavery.

We are motivated by God’s heart

For the poor, oppressed and marginalised: Snowdrop Project is founded on the values and vision of Jesus. When we look at His character we see a man who went to those in need to bring comfort and restoration. We are committed to following this example in demonstrating real compassion and transformational love to the people and communities we encounter.

We value innovation and best practice

We want to continue to improve the support we offer. We value learning from other services, policy makers and academics about ideas we can trial to complement our work. We recognise the importance of research and seek to provide ongoing evaluation of the impact of our service, which will inform the evolution of our community support and the development of new initiatives.