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  • Standing in the Housing Gaps

    Date:19 / 11 / 2018

    One of the barriers facing survivors of modern slavery in the UK is finding safe and suitable accommodation.  Survivors leaving the safe house can often be left vulnerable to homelessness, destitution or re-exploitation. This might be because they can’t work in the UK, are unable to claim certain benefits or aren’t entitled to statutory housing.  Without a stable home, it is very difficult to access support or focus on recovery.  Survivors are left to fall between the gaps, which often exacerbates existing mental health issues, isolation, trauma and debt.

  • “Convicted Traffickers sentenced to forty three years in prison.”

    Date:12 / 11 / 2018

    It’s a wonderful feeling to celebrate victories. Especially in this line of work. The headlines are amazing.

  • Appealing Asylum Applications - "The stakes are so high..."

    Date:07 / 08 / 2018

    Having worked with vulnerable people for over ten years, I thought I had heard and witnessed a lot and that not much would surprise me. I could not be more wrong. Over the last few weeks I have accompanied two of our clients to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal to support them with their appeal against the refusal of their Asylum applications. The experiences have been quite challenging for me.  I have felt compelled to share them.

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30 survivors currently supported.

- £81,000 won in compensation for survivors.
-89 survivors supported to date.
- 39 houses renovated to date.

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